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It’s my hope that you’ll think of this blog as a cozy cafe or a dusky pub where writers come to chat about the craft, their works in progress, and books they are reading. I’m thinking of a place where writers share ideas on what it means to be a Catholic writer in the present time, what it means to work towards writing as part of a tradition, and how to bring the eyes of faith to bear on all aspects of one’s craft. To that end, perhaps you might consider this blog “a clean well-lighted place” where writers can find “a room of their own” to breathe, think, write, and just “be” in.  It’s a place to walk along with others on a similar journey towards living a literary life. I’m hoping to connect with other writers, readers, and even teachers of writing and reading, who share a passion for books and the writing life and who like to talk and read about such things.

And in case you’re wondering about the name…….Persephone Writes. It’s personal, but let’s just say it’s a way of describing one woman’s journey, writing her way out of darkness and into the light…….and if you don’t know about Persephone, you can read a bit about her here.

Hoping you’ll visit often and share your own happy gleanings on the craft in the com-box! Cheers!


12 thoughts on “About The Blog”

  1. Mark Bosack said:

    Hi Angela, This could not have come at a better time. I have also always had the desire to write a novel. Countless starts, nothing complete. Three months ago, I made the decision to finish one of the novels in my head. I have been writing pretty regularly ever since. My biggest stumbling block has always been my poor grammar, which has always gotten in the way of my creative process. I, too, have the desire to write books with a Catholic perspective. Kudos to you and good luck in this endeavor. I will visit often. Mark


    • Mark, please do come by often and share your experiences, thoughts, creative process….whatever. Its hard to write “alone”. In my experience, writing doesn’t happen in a vaccuum, and such a large part of writing is the dialogue. So many times, just talking things over with a writing partner has really helped me work through some obstacle, or see my way clear to moving forward in a piece. And articulating what being a Catholic writer IS, what that person looks like and what they produce and how that reflects the aim of beauty and truth in art, is what is most calling to me. I look forward to your sharing!


  2. thank you Angela for such wonderful inspirations and help in facing my fears and communicate through drawing.


    • Rose, you know your own sharing and experiences as an artist can be so valuable to others. I hope you’ll visit often and share your journey as a Catholic artist with the rest of us.


  3. Welcome, M!
    I second your thoughts, especially about the need for an objective view of one’s work. We get myopic sometimes, because we are dealing with our ideas and words all the time. Its great to get fresh perspective and essential to finally realize how one’s work translates through the eyes of an actual audience, a real reader. Plus, having a writer friend to talk to is invaluable in helping work through certain obstacles which arise, as we know all too well.

    Mark, just write……..the grammar will work out later, with the help of a good writer friend to read for you! 🙂


  4. Hi Angela,

    Is there any way to be in touch with you via email. Or a contact form you could direct me to?



  5. I wanted to inform you that I have nominated your blog as a Versatile Blogger award. You can find my post here: http://acupofenglishtea.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/awards/ to see all of the details. Congrats on having such a great blog!


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