I had to share this, seeing as I’m finally having a go at living a writing life after 40 . . . and because my all-time favorite George Eliot is listed as one of the “greats” in this special group. Enjoy! 🙂


It seems like the literary world is forever in awe of the young writers, the wunderkinds, the 20 under 40, the 5 under 35, the 30 under 30. It makes sense, of course — there’s something extra impressive about pulling off a great feat, literary or otherwise, when you’re young — but what about those authors who got started a little later in life? If you ask us, there’s something pretty impressive about that too. We recently discovered Bloom, a cool website dedicated to the discussion of writers who published their first major work at age 40 or later, and inspired, we decided to poke about a bit on the topic ourselves. You might be surprised at the late bloomers on our list — take a peek after the jump, and since there are many more out there, add to our, er, literary bouquet in the comments.

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