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There’s nothing quite like a boulder-sized speed bump to shake up your routine.

My current “speed bump” is the much-needed acquisition of a new computer system. While that would summon resounding cheers of joy and great enthusiasm, I am experiencing greater anxiety and smaller doses of the former.

Why? Because for the last 10+ years I have been working on a (defective) PC and have now switched to a MacBook Air. I am thrilled, but also I’ve been set adrift, left to learn a new OS on a weirdly portable device that makes me feel uncomfortably detached  (I know I will adjust to this). I’m not sure how to do many of the things I could do effortlessly on my PC, which is why you, dear reader, are not being treated to the characteristic B&W photographs which usually grace my posts. I need to figure out how to do all of that, all over again!

The attendant learning curve would not be a problem were it not for two things:

1) I am the most technologically backward person on the planet. Seriously, I am so far off the target market that I may as well not exist to the folks who put these things out. I am as close to unplugged as you can get and still be somewhat plugged in.

2) At the exact moment when I got started on this new thing, my students had to turn in papers and writer’s notebooks, all of which must be evaluated and commented upon, along with figuring semester grades and writing progress reports! I do everything for my class online. It’s like being blindsided with an avalanche when you know the most you can handle is sand through a mini-hourglass….

So for those of you who visit regularly, please be patient with me as I take a brief hiatus from posting until I can get a handle on both my system and my workload. I don’t expect it to take more than a couple of weeks. I just figured I needed to downsize my expectations a wee bit at the moment.

Until then, I plan to keep to my writing schedule for my novel as well as I can. Tomorrow will be the first day writing on this new thing. Wish me luck! Cheers!