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Having spent the last several days in the physical and cognitive dissonance of a crippling migraine, perhaps I might be forgiven for being tempted by these charming little paper dolls. Some people are distracted by the telephone, others by surfing the web. Myself, I would be perfectly content to while away an afternoon snipping these whimsical literary caricatures from their pages and clothing them in the trappings of some of their best-beloved characters. There’s someone here for every book lover — a quick peek at the table of contents is sure to reveal one or more of your favorite authors, ready to be popped out, appropriately attired to suit one’s mood, and invited to the literary salon of your dreams! In my recent migraine-induced ensorcellment, I was struck by the odd possibilities of H. G. Wells dressed as Captain James T. Kirk. . . aaahhhh, the vagaries of an unhinged mind.

Well, if we writers must be distracted, better to be distracted by pondering the life and works of our betters in the literary tradition regardless of how they come to us. Cheers! And may these happy paper dolls spur you on to literary greatness — post migraine, of course.