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“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” — Edgar Allan Poe

Welcome to Persephone Writes, a blog about the craft of writing and living a writing life (whatever that looks like)! It’s also a blog about readers, because they are the lifeblood of the text — a book dies if no one cracks its covers to see what lies inside. The fiction writer’s goal is to give the reader an experience; as such, the fates of both are inextricably bound with one another.

Thus it seems appropriate to open this blog with a tip of the hat to the writer who first made me “feel something” with his words. While soaking in interminable calamine baths to aid my recovery from a nasty bout of chicken pox in grade school, I was read aloud to from Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum” by my father. Strangely, it is the only time I can clearly remember my father ever reading aloud to me. And thanks to Mr. Poe, that singular memory is still tinged with such stupendous wonder and horrific fear that I have never forgotten it. Perhaps it was then that I decided to become a writer, so that I could paint with words to do THAT.

Much of my writing journey has been something akin to that poor wretch in the cell with the pit in the center: creeping along in the dark on the outer edges of an earthen rim, afraid to fall into the center of the abyss. I have written a great deal. And I have taken a lot of risks in my writing. But I have also buried parts of myself and tried to stifle the lifelong desire to write more creatively because I thought there was no purpose to it, or because I was afraid.  I’m writing this blog to give myself the opportunity to write my way out of that darkness. And if it pushes me a little farther along the road to insanity, so be it.

I hope you’ll walk a ways with me along the road, and visit often! Cheers!